Friday, 30 November 2012

Walking away with a great feeling.

So here we are on Nov 30th the final day of NaNoWriMo and in the last couple of hours validation will be closed. 

 Looking back at the beginning of the month, I was set I had two major story ideas plotted out and down on paper. I was happy with my plots, even though I didn't go into to much detail as I wanted to happen since i never really stick to them. My plots are normally there as just a very light outline, I doubt that they will ever change into anything more than that. 

I struggled with the first story even after I had written my favorite line, I found that the more I wrote in this story the more serious plot holes are missing and that they were betted suited to have a more constructive plot than I originally thought.

I moved onto my second story to try and get it out but found that it was going well, that is until I somehow managed to kill off my main character in the first chapter. I admit that my character was to die, but not until the end of the story. With this occurrence it made me really wonder what I was thinking while plotting it out. 

Come the seventeenth I had changed over to a story that i plotted out earlier this year for a series that will be at least 3 novel's long. So I started writing the first novel, it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I had gotten my main character towards the main plot of the novel. The only downside is not only is it not near the middle of the novel, but I still haven't come across my antagonist of the story.

Ever since I first took part in my first Nano I always find myself leaving with not only a great experience and some new friends, but along with challenges and surprises around ever turn. This year is no different, even though I had trouble with my stories that I wanted to write, I still had tones of fun writing them anyway. 

I didn't get any writing done today due to the fact:

I gotten woken up early this morning due to someone complaining that they were out of food, at that's not something I normally get woken up to in the extremely early morning. After feeding the cat and going back to sleep I didn't wake up till what i thought was ten am, but when I checked the time, i discovered that it was really one pm. I scrambled around as I had to leave for work in that hour. I learned a good lesson today, don't chance it set an alarm just to be safe.

Work in its self was tiring since lottery was high which made me quite busy especially since my co-worker didn't want to help me. i struggled threw it and I was quite happy by the time closing came even though I was getting out a bit later than normal, but everything was done and ready for the next morning.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Crappy Internet

I admit I missed my blog post last night, but in all fairness it wasn't my fault. I wrote it up when I got home from work (yes I write it in another program, then copy and paste), but due to crappy and I mean crappy internet service (I couldn't load my home page) I was unable to post it.

When I got up this morning, and turned the computer on begging and pleading that my internet would load, which it did. I decided that I would do the smart thing and validate me novel, instead of doing what most people due and that of course trying to do it right before 12am on Dec 1 so they can squeeze every last word they possibly can.

I remember a couple years ago, when I heard that with everyone doing it in the last couple of minutes before the end of November, they had managed to crash the website. I'll always remember that, combined with the smart thing of validating before Nov 30 as its one less thing for me to forget. 

I probably won't get anymore writing done tonight or tomorrow, as I'm tired from work and I've been sleeping in a bit more than I've been wanting to.

Have you validated yet?  Or are you one of those people that try to use every last minute to write then validate right before 12am?

Words Written: 85
Total/Final Word Count:  75,613

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 27 Betaing?

I'm still really happy about meeting my word count last night, I'm still writing the story when I am not working. For the few of you that read some of my earlier posts know that I have trouble focusing during the day, which is why I find I write more in the evening time.

I was rather surprised today when I checked my emails after I got home from work, not 1 but 3 people that i happen to beta for are poking me to get started on some of there stuff. One inparticualr sent me a couple of chapters before November. While the others are sending me stuff now.

A part of me is happy that they hadn't gone and found a new beta, while the other part of me is asking why now? I told them that I wouldn't be betaing anything until December first and last time i checked I still had 3 more days till then, which makes me wonder if maybe there stalking me. If they are I wonder how, since none of them know my real name unless they have been watching my word count on the nano website.

Words Written Today: 120
Total Word Count: 75,528

Monday, 26 November 2012

YEAY Word Goal!!!

I didn't know what to write about today, at least for this post that is until about 20 minutes ago. You must be wondering what happened 20 minutes ago that gave me the idea as what to write about for tonights post, well that would be... *waits for complete silence* I completed my word goal for this year. *does happy dance*

I never thought I would get it done so fast, but its all thanks to everyone cheering me on and the endless encouragement from my fellow authors. Everyone in Calgary was quite helpful especially when I was having difficulty with what I was writing at the time (1 of 3 different novels) I'm happy that I know all of you, even if we only really talk during NaNoWriMo.

I'm excited as this means that not only did i get my word count which need to be celebrated in its self, but also that I bribed myself twice this year, which means that I get both of my bribes. I had people ask me why i needed to be bribed twice, well that's a simple. The first one was to guarantee that I would get to the 50K word goal while the other was to get me to the 75K word goal I set for myself.

My two prizes being of course, two new books for my ereader, which I already have picked out (Blackveil by Kristen Britain & Santa Clawed by Rita Mae Brown) and the second being reactivating my Netflix account (which i haven't used in a year, I had cable for the past year so I didn't need it). However I will not purchase the two books or activate my account until the first of December as I want to continue to write for the last 4 days to see how far into the plot i can get, which won't be to far with my work schedule this week.

Words Written Today: 2,772
Total Word Count: 75, 408

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Day 25 (The Human and Astral's background)

Today was quite the eventful day, it wasn't overly busy at work but once it got busy it didn't let up until half an hour before I was done. Oh well that two and a half hour rush helped time go by fast, which made it worth while.

After finally settling down to do some writing after dinner, I found myself trying to figure out the right way to word this one scene about this blood sucking bush (yes you read that right). It looks just like a normal bush, well I described it more as a rose bush only without the actual roses. 

After some basic talking and etc, I finally got to the scene I've been waiting on as it now brings my MC into the major plot of the story. I also thought it best that the character to put the plot idea (the background behind the two races) into her head was better fit by her real fathers friend, instead of her father that I had been contemplating about since last night. The next scene is about preparing for her journey (as she has no where really to go) and where she's going to go, I have a couple ideas for that, but I'm still playing around with both.

I'm contemplating on a couple different things about my MC, i know that she's a genuine Lady, but that doesn't mean that I can't have her helping out the maids and such when she has nothing else to do. As I look back at the way she acts the entire time in the book when she's not crying (only two to three times) she doesn't really seem to mind lending a helping hand, and she seems to know different ways to calm others down (which is already explained in the book, good old trait of persuasion). I really need to figure out this part before i get to far into the story as this is the part that will tell me of what kind of personal obstacles she has to over come during the over all plot.

I decided after talking to a couple friends of mine last month, that I would try out Scrivener come December. I know like when I get any new programs I like to play around with them until I find the best way that I will enjoy using which is why I thought best not to use it for NaNoWriMo this year. So I'm going to use it for the editing process of my novel and well see how it goes, I'm sure it will go well after hearing all the hipe about it from different people.

Words Written Today: 2,735
Total Word Count:72,071

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Still no climax

So I'm happy to say, that I am still writing the first book to my series and my muse is still going strong. Even though its going so well I still am discovering things about my characters and there background. I am still enjoying writing this book and I'm sure once its done, I'll want to continue on writing the rest of the series.

I have noticed however that one of the main things that I'm missing is the major climax to the story. I know bits and pieces that lead up to it, but its piecing it all together that seems to be the major issue. The climax its self is man vs monster and man vs astral/celestial, the monster aspect is easy, its the man vs astral that seems to be giving me the major issue. As soon as I write out the background aspect on the two major races of my story, I'm sure I'll figure out what sparks the original conflict that leads them to the conflict that they have to deal with now. 

This has to be my most uneventful day of writing so far, as i haven't even broken 500 words yet.

Have you come across anything that your story is still lacking? 

Words Written Today: 250
Total Word Count: 69, 297

Friday, 23 November 2012

The after effects from lack of sleep

So today was a little hard as I have had practically no sleep, thanks to a small mischievous kitten who doesn't believe and letting me sleep at night, but is fine with me sleeping in the mornings when I need to get up for work.

Work was fun, not only was I over tired and a bit moody and a little slow says my boss. But it was also a little steady combined with all the extra stuff I have to do not only for the store but I also have to wrap up a bunch of stuff for the boss's daughter that wanted to take some of our baking up north. I personally think that this is a great idea as where she lives there isn't much up there, but to make us do the extra work on a day when you know where going to be busy. I managed to get it all done in my shift but it took the entire shift combined with assisting with putting the stores order's away and serving customers while doing all of it, and then the boss goes to run a couple errands and I'm not stop busy during the time, which stopped me from finishing it until after he got back and then he complained about it.(I apologize about the rant and that you had to read it, I feel better getting it off my chest though)

When I finally sat down and started writing earlier today I found that it I was writing my self into a corner and since I really don't want a repeat of what happened earlier this month, I decided that I would switch to another point of view but also a different location of importance for the story and the series. And while writing the first scene I found a way to tie the two parts together, and how the main characters from both locations will meet and etc. Now I just need to sit down and write them, but sadly I'm thinking that i won't get to that until tomorrow. As I'm going to have to go to sleep soon since i have to work tomorrow morning and it's to be busy since Santa is to be at the mall tomorrow. 

Words Written Today: 1,408
Total Word Count: 69,047

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

No Specific Topic

When I got home from work...scratch that...even while I was at work I was trying to think of what I was going to write as the topic for this post today, and yet came up with zilch. Even sitting here right now I have no idea as to what I want to discuss. The worst part is that I'm planning on going to bed soon since I didn't get much sleep last night, since I was afraid I would sleep through my alarm and be late for work this morning. Which of course meant I got practically no sleep, which is a bad thing for me as I get a little moody because of it. I did however manage to hide it while at work today, except a couple of regulars mentioned that I didn't look to good, I simply told them I hadn't had my coffee yet. They laughed at that since I work with coffee and I get as much as I want while working, even though I was so tired I never touched a single drop of it in my shift nor after I got home. I got my caffeine through tea today while at work and through soda once I got home, which is probably the only reason as to why I'm even awake enough to write this post.

I've had one horrible headache today, I'm thinking that its caused by the same thing that I've been suffering with all day. I'm hoping after a good's night rest it'll go away before I have to go to work tomorrow evening. I did however manage to get my 2K done today, and I'm happy as it brings me closer to my goal for this month. I'm hoping even though I've struggled all month with it, that this story will keep going strong as I don't really want to use the last of my fall backs when I'm this close to my goal and the end of the month.

Have you ever tried to think of an idea for you blog post and came up empty? How close are you to your goal?

Words Written Today: 2,882
Total Word Count: 67,639

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 20 and still going strong

Today not only did my MC get to meet some new characters, but to my surprise a couple of them end up being her half brothers. One seems excited to have her as a sister, while the other I'm not to sure about yet as he was only in one scene and he was a little bossy. My MC's love interest has already started to show his true feelings for her, which isn't to happen till much later in the novel, which kind of threw me for a loop. Well they were suttle hints, and the only ones that seem to have noticed are his family, so I think it won't end up to bad if i leave them in there.

My original plan was for my MC was to return to the human world after spending 2 days with her real father and his family, finding it uncomfortable for her to stay there. However since I started writing today, I have been thinking of letting her stay for a couple extra days to feel accepted by her family and for her love interest's feelings to grow a bit more. I have a character that has yet to make an appearance that adds some unwanted tension on her, which makes her feel that returning to the human world wouldn't be a bad thing.

Who knows if I'll stick to this idea, since they seem to change day by day. I can however say I'm really excited about writing this series, since i never write this kind of story. My fantasy stories are usually filled with dragons and such, while this one deals more with celestial's, humans, monsters and the very rare sorceress. 

Is there a difference between what your writing for NaNo and what you normally write? 

Words Written Today: 4,757
Total Word Count: 64,757

Monday, 19 November 2012

Day of Distraction

Today seemed to be filled with nothing but distractions for me, first being the fact that I have to do laundry, so I`m ready for when I have to go back to work on Wednesday.

I ended up making Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies this afternoon, for something different than my usual sweet treats. They are at least healthier than M&M`s that I normally snack on, when I took them out of the oven they were at least 1 1/2" wide instead of the usual 2 1/2" wide that I usually make, making them perfect for snacking.

After my cookies were made and I could finally start to focus on my writing to my dismay that`s when my greatest distraction decided to show up. He`s small and cute and only 9 months old, but oh dear is he distracting, not only does he want attention, but he also insists on taking his naps in my lap which makes it a little hard to write when your laptop normally sits there. Once he`s a sleep I can`t find it in myself to even think of waking him up, not only is he absolutely cute when he sleeps, but he also has this really cute habit of patting my arm while he`s dreaming.

It’s almost 10pm and my little distraction has yet to leave me, so I still haven’t gotten much writing done at least in long stretches. I’m starting to wonder what I have to do to get some alone time with just me and my computer, I’m hoping that he’ll go rest on the sofa for a while at least an hour or so.
I also seem to be distracted online as well today. Oh no it’s not facebook that is distracting me, but youtube. 

I did a crazy thing in October I found this song that would fit so well with the story that I’m working on, so I added it to my playlist so I would have it for when I needed it. So now I’m busy listening to it and the rest of the playlist as I write and every time I get to a video or song that I don’t recognize I flip my screen over to see as to why, then I get so caught up watching the video I forget that I’m supposed to be writing. 

Today I'm going to do something I haven't done, I'm going to show pictures of my little fuzzy distraction. That refuses to leave me home even while I write this post. 

Have you had a day of distraction yet? Has anything been distracting you this month?

Words Written Today:  3,171
Total Word Count: 60,000

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Smack...a new story on Day 18

Today I went and had a late lunch with my family to celebrate my mother's and cousins birthday. It was actually nice to go and see everyone that I haven't really talked to since Canada Day, so I got to find out how everyone is doing. The lunch its self was good as well, beside a couple minor mistakes that the waitress which weren't actually her fault as the people in the kitchen were the ones that told her that it was our tray. We all had something different, and it was a mix of both breakfast and lunch among us. 

Today was Manitoba's second Virtual Write In, and only one other person showed up for it besides me, I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing. I knew that some were getting together at a coffee shop this evening as I was invited as well, but didn't go since the internet there cuts in and out, which makes it kind of hard to run a write in. So I stayed home instead, I was highly distracted during the word wars because someone I know who's small and fuzzy insisted on being bad (my kitten, get your heads out of the gutter) each time. So I put him in a time out, which seemed to help as he went to sleep. 

I decided to pick up and write a story that's been poking at my brain for a while, and since its one of a series I figure it wouldn't be a bad thing to work on it since I'm having all these problems with my stories that I had originally planned for NaNo. This story is a bit more interesting as I find it entertaining to see how my character is going to respond to everything that happens around her. I think my favorite part is the scene when my MC first meets her real father for the first time and he's taking the round about way of telling her who he is...and since she figures that he's joking with her she smacks him good and hard. Then only to be saved by him, his friend and two guards. Now he has to tell her the truth, but he doesn't know the best way to do so.

I think I will end this night with a movie to help me wind down before bed, I have no idea which movie, but a good one. 

Words Written Today: 2,788
Total Word Count: 55,642

Saturday, 17 November 2012

A mixed up day, what a new idea

So I did something that I normally never do, I mixed up my schedule for work, I thought I had to work 9am-1pm when I really had to work 1pm-6pm. I'm usually very good about it, I don't make those kinds of mistakes, I figure it must have been that I normally do morning shifts on Saturday so that's why I was mixed up. I asked my coworker that first brought this mistake to my eyes when she got to the store, not to say anything to the boss since I know he would never let me forget it, what does she do? Not only did she tell the boss but she told the manager as well, and both of them bugged me about it and my co-worker stood on the other side of the store laughing while they did it.

I finally ended that really crappy fight scene (I've never been good writing them), I realized that while I was writing that I was causing my MC to pass out and she did. I've tried going back once again and looking at what originally sparked this retake on my original story, but my muse just isn't biting. I've decided that I'm going to try and work on my second story as it seemed to be going much better than this one. I think that this one definitely needs to be one of those stories that you have to plot out all the way to the end before writing (which is something I never do).

While I'm writing this evening my brain decided to meet a new muse and this muse was completely different then what I was expecting. Sure the idea its self is what I normally write, but its the fact that I'm busy getting my first story on the right track before it derails into some unknown world and I don't know how to get it back. Then this new idea comes along from a new direction and now both are coming to a fork in the tracks and have to fight over who is going first and who has to wait.

Yes I am aware I was referring to my muses as if they were trains, and I apologize to anyone who has trouble understanding the references.

Words Written Today: 1,315
Total Word Count: 52,600

Thursday, 15 November 2012

What I'm only 1/3 away from reaching my goal?

Today I attended the write in and when I first entered I was sitting just short of 48k when I left not 1hr and 30 min later I had just over 50k. Yeay for me, but I'm more curious to know how I had managed to write over 2k in that time frame. I normally can only fire out just over 1, 300k in an hour, so how did i get over 2? Well either way I'm now 1/3 from reaching my goal which means I'm 2/3's done. I'm so excited I was practically jumping out of my chair at the library tonight when I thought I would do a quick check to see how much more I needed to reach my 50k.

A couple of my ML's that were still there anyway were excited for me as well, one told me that this weeks regional email at one point was even written about me, mainly about evil glares about everyone else having to catch up. I had to explain to here that my goal this year is not the usual 50K but rather 75k, after hearing that she then understood why I was ahead and said that she would cheer me on even more.

Tonight's write in went a little short as we normally head to the closest coffee shop to continue writing after the library closes, but tonight it seems that everyone had other things to do. It's not a bad thing for us to cut it short, I just feel kind of bad since a couple of people are behind and they are always saying "I write better during the write in's than any where else." I was willing to take a couple of people to the coffee shop to continue writing, but they chickened out since no one else was willing to go, so instead of going on my own where I know I will be continuously disturbed, (due to all my old regular customers wanting to know how I am) I thought it best to come home.

Words Written Today: 2,443
Total Word Count: 50,394

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A mistake, the weather and an Idea

Well today proved to be an interesting day, I made one large mistake today at work and I'm hoping that my manager managed to fix it. Other than that it was my typical day of work.

Even with all this snow on the ground I found the effort to walk home, I was kind of lucky though as the snow was melting so it was really slushy. The wind was cold, but the sun was warm which it made a nice day for a walk especially before the weather gets worse.

So I've practically written nothing today and its already 9pm *cries* I just haven't been able to focus today. My story took an odd twist once again, for some odd reason I have this idea of bringing in pirates, but I'm thinking that it may have something to do with my MC being on a ship right now. I'll figure that out later, I decided that I'll start writing from when she gets off the boat and write teh ship scenes for later once I figure out if and what shall happen during the journey.

My sister talked me into attending the write in tomorrow evening, which I really don't want to go to, but she wants to give me something so I'm pretty much forced to go. Oh well if I'm lucky maybe she'll buy me something either to snack on or maybe even dinner, she would stay for the write in but she has a meeting for work at 7pm that she has to attend. I'm certain however that I'm going to get tones of writing done tomorrow since I don't have to work on Friday so I can stay up late after the write in and keep writing.

Have you ever been talked into something you wanted to do? Have you ever had random things pop up in your mind for a story?

Words Written Today: 499
Total Word Count: 47,957

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A day of work

So today ended up being a uneventful day for writing for me, but it's mainly due to the fact that I have to go to work this evening. Not that I mind at all, since I'm already a week ahead from where I need to be which I'm not only surprised about but also very happy about it as well. Right now while I sit here writing this blog post I'm not only trying to at least write something I'm also trying to eat my lunch as in just over an hour I'm going to have to get ready for work. I would come home and try and do some writing afterwards, but I fear that it won't work as I have to eat when I get home but then go to bed right after as I have to work tomorrow's morning shift as well. I don't really mind these shifts being back to back as I can use the chance in the morning to do anything i didn't get the chance to do tonight without having to worry about getting in trouble about it.

I'm hoping that everything goes to plan this evening at work, so that I can get out right at 9:10pm so that I don't miss my bus or I'm going to have to wait 30min before the next one comes. Once the temperature drops once again later on in the season I won't want to miss my bus, so I want to get into the habit of getting out as early as I possibly can. 

 What do you need to get in the habit of now that winter is here?

Words Written Today: 355
Total Word Count: 47, 452

Monday, 12 November 2012

Cookies, Biscuits and Characters

So I had the day off again, which was a surprise I normally work Monday's so I spent it doing... yup you guessed it writing, well I was writing off and on, but either way it's words all the same. I stopped writing at 4:30pm to go and do some light baking, which I really had a craving to do. I made my favorite oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies which are so good, I couldn't resist to eat some of the dough (I know you shouldn't but I just couldn't resist) while I was placing them on the tray. While my cookies were cooling, I went along and made Herb, garlic and cheddar biscuits which turned out really good, I may have over cooked them by a minute or two but in my defense I've never made biscuits before. I don't know why I wanted to bake today, i just felt like doing it from the time i woke up till the time i actually got around to doing it.

I'm kind of surprised by a couple of things that happened in my writing today, for one being it took me 40 minutes (2 x 20 min word wars) to write a single flash back scene of when my MC first arrived at the guild and during that scene I discovered something about the dwarf in my story (yes this is the same one that continues to hit on my MC) that he was afraid of girls when he was younger, and the reason behind it has something to do with a character named Jara, who I haven't introduced in the story yet. Also it seems that my bartender Kavan has had a crush on my MC since he first saw her. I also discovered later on that Kavan can't hold his liquor what so ever and did he do what I think he did?

I think the most interesting thing about writing this memory scene was when I decided that she was going to arrive with really shaggy unkept hair, overly large clothes on which made her appear frail if not half starved and that she spent the last few years growing up not only with her dragon family, but the fact that the only town on the island and no one in that town wanted her around. I also realized for a magician I don't know what her power is, all I know is that it may or may not have something to do with why she can wield the twin swords. But I'm leaning more to not cause she didn't have them when she first arrived at the guild so I'm kind of thinking that she has some other type of power, just don't know what it is yet. 

Have you discovered anything new about your characters while writing? What do you think her power should be? (I'm really open to suggestions, cause I really don't have any kind of clue)

Words Written Today:  6,000
Total Word Count: 46,000

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Quite the eventful day

Alright So I'm actually ahead of where I need to be come Wednesday night, so yeay for that. Even though I struggled this year with my story which is something I never have a problem with, and after a couple of days writing the beginning of my second story did my muse come back reformed and shaped. This new idea seems to be going a lot better than the original, and I'm much happier with it as well.

I had to day off of work, which is surprising since its the weekend and I always work the weekend, but I'm glad to have it off as I can make up for the days I only had a couple hundred words for when i was working and couldn't get much done. I didn't get the greatest start today as i thought I would have besides setting my self up last night for a fight, I just didn't start writing that scene until around 3pm today.

Today Manitoba hosted the first virtual write in, and at first i would say that it kind of sucked as it was only me and one other person than once it was to be done did two more sign in for almost two hours. I was surprised as this is probably the first time that Manitoba's chat has had more than 2 people in it at a time.

My crazy little quirks that my characters had taken on in the first version seem to have stuck around with their new versions as they them selves haven't actually changed just the plot its self. I also seem to have different races in this story, which I didn't have before.

I brought in this new character which is a strange dwarf from my MC's guild hitting on her, but not getting anywhere. My MC is a elf that was raised by dragons when she was small, then was left alone when she was only 6 and now she's about 17 or so (i haven't really picked an exact age for her yet), who wields 2 twin swords that she's able to speak to and are able to respond back.

Is it strange for a character to be able to talk to objects which actually answer back through telepathy? How's your word count going? Are you ahead or behind your appointed goal?

Words Written Today: 7,035
Total Word Count:  40,000

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The first story, new edition?

So I tried reading over my first story to see if I could pick up were I left off, but nope looks like the muse is gone on a long vacation and it would seem that it took the muse of my next story with it as I've gone and lost interest in this story as well. I really don't like when this happens to me, and I fear that if I try to start another one I'll have the same problem, but I'm not a person that gives up especially during Nano time. I'm thinking of falling back on one of my latest back up stories as there the clearest in my mind right now, so I'm praying that I'll get them done at least.

I'm so happy, it seems my muse for my first story sent a relative cause I seem to got my idea back, well its a little different than the original, and this one seems to be put together better. With this new idea I'm going to have to rewrite what I wrote in the first few days, so that it'll fit better. Now lets just hope that I can keep it going. This new version seems to have take on almost a completely different plot line than what I originally thought it would, and I'm hoping that It works out for the better.

Over night we got our first bit of snow roughly about 1/2 feet which isn't all that bad, except that were to get 2-3 times more in the next couple of days. I'm happy that I don't have to leave the house for the next 2 days but it kind of sucks cause I can't walk to and from work anymore. Oh well that's what I get for living in the winter province.

Words Written Today: 2930
Total Word Count: 32965

Friday, 9 November 2012

Stressful night at work

I'm afraid that I didn't get much writing done today, but I got more than I thought I would. The only reason being that I had to work this evening, in fact I just got home. Today was an over all bad day for me, not only did I have to be valuated by my manager, about the way I close which was mainly due to the fact about me taking to long closing.

Which she told me afterwards that I don't close the doors early enough, and I seem to be doing that the stuff that takes longer last instead of first. She stated that I need to pick up some speed which I stated that I'm trying to be careful when closing due to the fact that my boss states that were short money, etc sometimes which causes me to worry. She also told me that I seem to have trouble focusing while working, yes I admit that my nano story is still going on in my mind while I'm at work, but I always push it to the side. Other than that i don't know why I"m having trouble focusing while working, I have always been like this so I don't normally think about it.

I think that the part that was worse was the warning she gave me about if things don't shape up that the boss is going to start firing people. She also told me that its not just me that she has to watch close but a couple others. Which kind of makes me feel better, but I'm a bit of a worry wart about these things. I like my job and I'm happy that I got it, and I really don't want to have to start looking for a new one right away, especially since I haven't been there that long.

Anyway I need to post this and head for bed after I eat since I have go and open the store tomorrow morning. *sigh* I really don't want to, especially since I have to work with the boss first thing in the morning and were going to be busy. Well at least I did a bunch of extra stuff this evening, so I shouldn't fall behind.

Words Written Today: 353
Total Words Written: 30,035

Thursday, 8 November 2012

What book two?

As I had said near the end of yesterday's post that my muse for my first story just up and left which was a serious downfall for me especially since I was only 20K into the story. Normally when my muses leave its when I'm just past the middle of the story when the conflict shows through and I'm usually trying to figure out the best way to write it. I spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out what had happened or how to continue writing, but without the muse it ended up being a total fail. So instead I ended up starting my second novel for the time being, at least until my muse comes our of hiding.

My second novel is a fantasy as well, so no real change there. The downside is that while i was working I had come up with this idea in which i didn't get to write it down so i ended up forgetting parts of it. (I plotted this one two days before Nov.) I know its to be a fantasy, I just cant remember as to why or how. I'm sure I'll figure it out as I write it. 

With this new story I'm attempting something I normally never do and that being my main characters being twins. When any of my stories has a set of twins, its usually side characters ones that don't have a real impact on the story line, so this is a real change for me and I'm curious to see how it goes. I know nothing really about twins except that there said to be really close, which gives me a great amount of leeway when writing as I don't have to stick to the stereo type at all. 

I know I'm posting this late as this was the post for yesterday, so I'm posting it now. I was so busy writing that I completely forgot about it till I looked at the clock. 

Have you ever had a muse simply walk off on you? Has anyone else lost track of time? 

Words Written Today: 3,152
Total Word Count: 28,277

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Seven days have passed by already?

Okay I admit it I missed my blog post yesterday, but I do however have a good reason for missing it. I had to work last night, I admit I could have done it yesterday before I left but I didn't really know what to write about. I pondered different ideas as to what I would write, but everything felt short. I could have wrote about my day, but nothing had happened yet. I could have wrote about how my story was going, but I barely wrote anything in it yesterday as well. Yesterday just wasn't a good day to get things done.

So here we are, 7 days in and wow what a stretch. I'm already a 1/3 of the way to reaching my intended goal for the month. I can't believe I'm a already this far in and its only the 7th day. I admit that I've been pushing myself to get this far. With my crazy work schedule and the fact that I'm more motivated at night, it makes it a real challenge. I'm not about to let up now, I'm going to keep at it, as I'm curious as to what my final count will be when we reach the end of the month.

As for the actual story, I discovered real interesting quirks about some of the characters. My protagonist Umi loves tropical fruit and berries while she hates apples. She loves kids, yet she hates to be hugged (as weird as that is). Her "love interest/fiance" if that's what you want to call him, unexpectedly became as masochist. Her friend and room mate has been living like a hermit for months after being dumped by someone (haven't figured out who yet). Her adviser not only dislikes her ideas, but he has this over fascination with cute things. She values her guards opinion almost as high as her own.

The plot of the story is going rather well. My biggest challenge so far while writing, is keeping the story exciting. I'm hoping to over come that challenge the farther I venture into the story. So the impossible happened this evening, while i was writing my muse just up and left which never happens to me. I'm happy that I planned a head and plotted out a couple extra stories for this month just in case, well one was actually my second story that I'm planning to write anyway. So I've moved onto a new story, I'm not sure how this one is going to go, but I hope it goes better than the last one.

How is your story coming? How far into the plot have gotten? Have you discovered anything new about your characters?

Words Written Today: 2,396
Total Word Count: 25,120

Monday, 5 November 2012

Slow start and a speady recovery

So I had today off and figured I would spend it doing laundry and writing, well I had a really slow start. By 2pm I may have written 200 words since 9:30am, I admit that's not a bad start for me as I do better in the evening than I do in the day time.

Earlier today I came back from getting another cup of coffee from the kitchen to discover my cat laying on my keyboard and not only did he turn on the Caps Lock but he had written over a page of random letters on the screen. I was thankful that he hadn't touched the backspace or delete button, but I had to erase everything he put on the screen before I could make another attempt at writing.

Shortly after I gave myself a real good scare as I had bumped my table where my coffee was sitting causing it to splash on the table, normally I wouldn't care but this time i did as my usb stick got the most of the coffee, I am thankful though as it was just the cover that got wet not the inside.

Normally in the month of October when I'm busy plotting and getting everything ready for November, one of the major things that I do is write out a bunch of names on a piece of paper, so when I'm writing and i have to introduce a new character that i hadn't named I can pick a name for them from the list. This year I completely forgot about it, so while i was writing last night and i had a character pop up I realized I had no name for his character. Since this character is not one i'm going to be killing off anytime soon and will be making repeated appearances I thought I would give the character a name. When I couldn't think of one, that's when i realized having that paper full of names came in handy, each year even if i only used one name off the sheet.

I took a good 10-15 minutes and scribbled a bunch of names down in a notebook so that i would have them in case I ran into a similar problem later on during the month. 

Did you forget something when plotting before the first? What time of day do you find better for writing?

Words Written Today: 5,279
Total Words Written: 21,176

Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Crazy Day that ended in tears

When I was trying to close up the store today, I couldn't get the pins in the door to move. (Our store still has the old sliding doors that have to be pined before you can lock the doors.) I put my key in figuring that maybe it wasn't completely unlocked this morning. nope that wasn't it, I tried jiggling them loose, nope that didn't work (I did a few times) I finally gave up and called my manager to ask what i should do, since its never happened to me before. After explaining to her what's happening (I went back to jingling the pins again) and before I can even ask what i should do, the pins finally moved. A part of me wanted to jump for joy, that is until I saw what time it was it took me 10 minutes to get that door locked, and i still had to cash out. I got out 30 minutes later than i should have, I was a little annoyed as this was 30 minutes out of my walking time which meant it would become time out of my writing this evening. Argh... and to add to this evening disaster, I managed to be slowed down by every red light the entire way home. I'm thankful that its all over and I get tomorrow off which means that if i don't get all my words written tonight I can focus on getting completely caught up tomorrow.

After doing my challenge yesterday of flipping my character persona's I find myself liking the out come. I was thinking about it on my way to work and I think I'll leave them the way they are at least for now, if i find that there not going the way i wanted them to, i can always flip them back. Yesterday I finally wrote my first fight scene, I'm not really sure what I think of the outcome of how it looks but I'll do a better job when I edit it. As for tonight's writing, my main focus a town on fire which leads to the corniation of the newly appointed queen. The hardest scene I'm probably going to write this year is the death of a 6 year old child that rushes into save my protagonist. I barely knew about this child, I started crying while I wrote this scene tonight.

Words Written Today: 2862
Total Words Written: 15000

Saturday, 3 November 2012

A rant & a twist

I get this really annoying customer a couple times a week, I've been dealing with him for over 3 years, but since I started this new job a couple months ago I'm finding that he's much harder to deal with now. He came in today and payed for his coffee and I gave him his change, well he started barking at me that i skimmed him a penny...i told him that i didn't have one, so he goes and "you've skimmed me enough of them so many times since I've come here you owe me a nickle or rather a dime no wait a quarter..." I didn't give him anything. he takes his coffee and sits down, once i start doing something else he comes back and starts barking at me again about not giving him his $5 bill. "I know I gave it to you, cause i put your change on top of it, like i always do"
"No you didn't" he said
"Yes I did" I answered
"Then where did I put it?" he asked me, how am i supposed to know where he put his money.
"I placed it on the counter afterwards I don't know what you did it" I replied, then he went on about the change again.

(sorry its been bugging the hell out of me practically all day.)

I had a total Nano moment today at work, my boss told me to make up this sign for some things he was putting on sale. So i get the paper and permanent marker and just as i get started I realized i spelt the first word wrong. So I redo it and I did it again, after the third try and third paper I finally got it done. When my coworker showed up I told her about it and said that if it looked wrong than to redo it.

(Day 3)
Here we go day 3. On my way home from work i got all excited since the first scene that I get to write today is my first action scene in the book. Its not a huge scene, but lets just say my protagonist gets to kick a cocky guys ass. I was also thinking about the crazy quirks that I gave my characters and thought to myself what would happen if I were to mix them up and change quirks with different characters. So I was so highly tempted to try and see what would happen, I couldn't help but try it today. I don't really know how to describe on how the story turned out today, but I know that it was a lot of fun mixing up my characters. I may leave them the way they originally were or keep them this way after the mix up, I'll wait and see what I do tomorrow with them.

What do you do about troublesome customers? Did you do something out of the ordinary with your writing?

Words Written Today:  2,839
Total Word Count:  11,000

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Cat and The Words

My cat is really crazy, I'm sitting here trying to write and he's stealing my socks from my laundry. Not only that but he's keeps getting into all sorts of trouble, oh well that's what i get for having a cat. Darn spray bottle doesn't really do anything any more, i think the most fun he's having tonight is playing with my hair. By tomorrow I'm sure it will be standing up all over again, since he plays with it all night, the odd part is its the only time he doesn't use his claws on me. I also think i should move that tree of his, he climbs onto the top lays down so his paws drap over the sides and stares at my screen and if he doesn't like what i'm writing he grabs my head phone.

(Day 2)

So last night i managed to get in a total 6,229 words which is way more than i was expecting. To reach my goal I have to write at least 2,500 words per day so I managed to write two days worth of writing in only the first day. I was amazed to see that when i figured it out when i got home from work today (I went to bed after I got home from the write in yesterday.)

Tonight wasn't as productive as I had to do a bunch of running around after work but I still managed to shoot out 8161 words. Tomorrow I'm sure will be more productive as I'm coming home right after work.

How did your second day go? Did you reach your daily goal?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

November is HERE!!!!

I have come to a conclusion, I'm more than positive that my kitten is trying to kill me. He's been scratching me a lot lately, normally I wouldn't care but he's gotten to the point that he's drawing blood. I think he's just ruff housing, but it really hurts. I'm having a real hard time trying to disciplining him as well, squirting him with water isn't doing anything anymore and I'm not one for abusing animals and locking him up doesn't really do anything either. 

With him acting like this, it's going to make for a very interesting nano. Which started today so I'm supper excited and happy. I managed to get a lot of writing in today both this morning at during the big kick off and I'll get even more done this evening at the write in with members of my region. 

I can't wait to find out what my word count is going to be at the end of the night, I'm hoping it will be at least a couple K just in case i fall behind one day so I don't have to worry about trying to catch up.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do about my cat problem? How much did you get written today?